From Ella Dahmer – This Election Is Too Important

My husband Vernon Dahmer like many others fought and died for our right to vote.

This election is too important to Hattiesburg for us to be silent.

I’m supporting Mayor Johnny DuPree because he has made us proud. Mayor Johnny DuPree has recruited businesses, created over 3900 jobs in just 3 years, and is an excellent role model for our young people. Most importantly, Mayor DuPree has done so with humility and integrity.

Make your voice heard and honor the memories of those who who made the ultimate sacrifice. Vote Johnny DuPree on September 24.

~ Ella Dahmer

Who To Vote For by Keshiba Stokes-Barnes

KashebaWho to vote for

People seem to have forgotten the importance of having a city representative who supports the same cause in which they support. Some may have forgotten their legal right to vote, well I haven’t. As a young adult my father, Danny Hinton took me to City Hall here in Hattiesburg Mississippi and explained to me the importance of just one vote. I already knew that so many had come before me and sacrificed their life for my God given right. I knew that black, white, men, women, Christian and Jews all had the same legal right to vote. What I did not know was WHO TO VOTE FOR.

The first time that I voted I was eighteen years old and had no idea who I wanted to vote for. So, I looked to my dad for advice, and of course he gave me a lesson in politics. My father told me when choosing a candidate make sure that the person has the credentials that I want in my future family. He said that no one is perfect but if there is greater potential for the future in the one I choose, that’s who I should vote for. That was over eighteen years ago, and that’s the same lesson that I give to my daughter as she votes for the first time.

My voice is my vote. So, when placing my voice in a box, I choose the man that wants growth in my children’s future. I want the man that encourages promotion and security in my husband’s job. I want the man that believes that every individual in His community should be treated with equality. Let’s stop playing politics and focus on the issues that matters. Johnny Dupree is the right choice.

Here’s what I know:

Mayor Johnny Dupree was there a long time ago when my father was dying of cancer. Mr. Dupree never left my father’s side and shed his tears when my father died. That’s the right man for the job. Mayor Johnny Dupree is an advocate for public education and healthcare. That’s the right man for the job. Mayor Dupree is committed to his extended family, friends, and his community. That’s the right man for the job.

Over time I have learned it’s not about what’s not done, but about what is. Hattiesburg Mississippi has come a long way under the guidance of Mayor Johnny Dupree, and growth is still ahead.

So let’s stop playing politics and weigh-out the pros and cons and that’s who to vote for.

Keshiba Stokes-Barnes

Democratic Chairman: Party is behind DuPree for Hattiesburg mayor

23477922_BG1The following statement was issued on September 19, 2013, by Rickey Cole, Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party:

“It has come to my attention that certain individuals in Hattiesburg have represented themselves to be Democrats, but are supporting the opponent of our Democratic nominee for Mayor, Johnny DuPree, in the upcoming September 24 Special Election.

Let me be crystal clear:  the Democratic Party is solidly unified behind our nominee Johnny DuPree, and anyone actively opposing his re-election is not and should not be considered a loyal Democrat.  We encourage all Democrats to speak up and speak out in favor of the re-election of a tried and true public servant, Mayor Johnny DuPree.”