Vote to increase voter education, voter access, and voter participation.

How can we expand voter education?

  • Include civics class and mock elections in high school curriculum
  • Raise awareness on who is eligible to vote
  • Develop a Secretary of State election certification program for college credit

How can we increase access to the polls?

  • Allow voter registration up to 15 days before election
  • Streamline voter purging process
  • Increase number of on-campus voting precincts
  • Create more efficient and inclusive methods for early voting, especially for college students and seniors

How can we increase voter participation?

  • Institute paper ballot systems to create accountability and auditing measures for post-election processing
  • Propose same-year state and federal elections to help reduce costs and increase voter turnout
  • Increase awareness of civic engagement opportunities, e.g. election commission officers, poll workers, student government associations

Together, we can strengthen our democracy.
Together, we can make real change in Mississippi.

Together, we can do this.

Vote Johnny DuPree for Secretary of State on Nov. 5.