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Moving Hattiesburg forward–the right way.

Three to One. This is how much my campaign was outspent by my opponent during the General Election.

We were successful because of people like you, and because we did more with less.

We have led Hattiesburg the same way. Since I have been Mayor, we have:

  • Generated the second-highest sales tax revenues in Mississippi (second only to Jackson);
  • Created 1500 jobs in 2011, 1100 jobs in 2012, and over 1500 jobs so far in 2013;
  • Not raised taxes or furloughed any city employees–even during the Great Recession;
  • Recognized with numerous awards for community involvement, small business development, health, attractions, and more.

We have done great things in Hattiesburg, but the best is yet to come.

The Special Election in Hattiesburg is on Tuesday, September 24th, and I need your help.

Please pitch-in $10, $25, or any amount you can afford to help us send the message that elections cannot be purchased, and that the will of the people is not for sale.

Moving Hattiesburg forward–the right way.

Johnny DuPree
Mayor of Hattiesburg