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State Democrats congratulate Mayor DuPree

( In a prepared statement, Rickey  Cole, Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, issued the following statement in response to the certified results of last week’s mayoral election in Hattiesburg.

“On behalf of all Democrats in Mississippi and around the country, I congratulate the Honorable Johnny L. DuPree, his family, friends and supporters upon his re-election to serve another term as Mayor of Hattiesburg.  We are proud of Mayor DuPree, and we know that he will continue to lead Hattiesburg with the same quiet dignity and unswerving dedication that have been the hallmarks of his long career as a public servant,” said Cole in the news release.

According to Cole, the campaign was hard-fought and the struggle was long.

“We congratulate all those who worked so hard to win the battles.  We especially appreciate attorneys Precious Martin and Brandon Jones, whose dogged determination through the court trial and through the conduct of the most recent election made it possible for democracy to prevail.  These men are examples of what true patriots really are,” said Cole in a prepared statement.

“We salute all the elections officials who worked under enormous pressure and did their very best.  From the precinct poll workers to the election commissioners to the government observers sent from Jackson and Washington, we appreciate the tremendous efforts made to afford the people of Hattiesburg a free, fair and honest election,” according to Cole.

“Now that the election results have been certified, it is time for all citizens to come together.  Let us all congratulate the victor, say kind words to the vanquished, heal the wounds of division, and enter into a constructive conversation on how we can all move forward in unity for the betterment of all,” said Cole.