Thank You!

This election has been a long and difficult process. But, because of you, we are victorious!

I would like to congratulate Dave Ware on a very hard-fought campaign. Mr. Ware and his supporters should be commended for their dedication, hard work and participation in this process.

Most of all, I want to give my deepest appreciation to you – who may be a citizen of Hattiesburg or may have come to show your support from across the state. You stood by me, supported my family, knocked on doors, made phone calls, drove people to the polls, made contributions, and sometimes just lifted our spirits with your kind words.

For that, I want to say Thank you.

Without you, this would not be possible. You showed the world that every vote counts.

We saw something amazing in Hattiesburg. We witnessed the largest voter turnout in our city’s history. Whether you supported Mr. Ware, Mr. O’ Hara, or me, I am so proud of the people of our city for exercising their right to vote.

We must also thank those who volunteered their time and service to make our electoral process work. Election Commissioners, poll watchers, and deputy clerks fulfilled their responsibilities under extremely the high scrutiny.

Some of us are feeling really good right now, and some of us aren’t. We all must heal. Hattiesburg has made it through hurricanes and tornadoes, and we will make it through this stronger and more unified than ever before.

I would be remiss if I did not use this opportunity to advocate for the re-assessment of Mississippi’s voting laws. Voting in Mississippi is much too cumbersome, both for the voter and the election workers. We need early voting in Mississippi. We need simplified absentee voting for our Seniors and Veterans. Voters deserve this.

My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your prayers and your unwavering support.


Johnny DuPree
Mayor of the City of Hattiesburg


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